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Having rugged experince of PLM implementation across the globe ,our company offer variety of services which majorly includes teamcenter implementation, customisation and technical support.


With more than 8 years of experience in the domain of finite element analysis, our company offer wide range of services . We have expertise in static , non linear, dynamics, MBD, durability, CFD and more modules.


Class A styling is a complex domain as it requires many years of expertise and live project exposure and here is what we deliver to our customers , a professional with complete skill set required for advanced level projects

CAD Services

Our company offers a team of skilled professionals to work on turn key projects which requires adaptive and smart engineers to work on cutting edge software technology . For more info read more…

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Leading service provider in the domain of engineering
Team with perfect skill sets to offer quality work.

Future Tech Design is a leading CAD / CAM / CAE / PLM Solutions, and Engineering Services provider from India. With more than 11 years of experience we have been working with companies from cross vertical domains from India and overseas to support them in their most complex and challenging engineering initiatives while helping them derive best returns on their investments. Future Tech Design's training wing, Future Tech Design CAD Academy is an authorized training partner of Siemens their CAE / CAD / PLM suite of solutions. With one of the largest customer satisfaction ratios, we are a company that believes in forging partnerships with our clients thus making them our partners in success and strive to make every dealing with them a delightful experience.

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PLM Consulting

FUTURE TECH DESIGN has a proven track record in consulting, designing, implementing and operating the most complex PLM landscapes. The more our customers challenge us, the better we deliver. This makes us a valuable partner for our customers: FUTURE TECH DESIGN is able to consult and deliver on our project commitments ensuring our customers current and future PLM solution is more efficient and economical.

Our consultants consider the needs and requirements of each customer and propose a solution best suited for their individual needs. The consultants at FUTURE TECH DESIGN will help our customers implementing their own PLM strategy – irrespective of their product choice. Our strategic, multiple vendor partnerships help us to master leading technology trends and adapt them to our customers PLM landscapes. With that understanding, our consultants can define a strategy that is right for you.


FUTURE TECH DESIGN’s Data Migration Platform (DMP) consists of processes, methods and technologies that enable customers to successfully transition to a different PLM or migrate to a newer PLM landscape. There may be various good reasons for your decision to introduce a new PLM system; either to get rid of your legacy system, or to introduce PLM software for the first time. To ensure success, FUTURE TECH DESIGN, with our proprietary DMP methodology, will consult and guide you throughout the transition process, starting from the business process and user perspective, over system architecture, down to data migration level.

FUTURE TECH DESIGN DMP leverages pre-defined process transition catalogues for identifying potential process gaps between different PLM systems. FUTURE TECH DESIGN DMP has successfully helped customers de-customize their legacy system, intuitively configure PDM clients, or simply educating engineers on how to implement enterprise business processes in the new PLM

Value Chain Integration


FUTURE TECH DESIGN’s Value Chain Integration (VCI) service enables customers to extend their business processes and PLM technologies to new markets. Sharing and exchanging business and engineering data with your business partners is essential for the realization of an efficient collaborative product development. FUTURE TECH DESIGN’s VCI service focuses on the key challenges of enterprise process flows, complex engineering data exchange between various systems, and global communications amongst business partners.

FUTURE TECH DESIGN VCI masters all these key challenges and facilitates the design and implementation of a supplier integration system which is tailored to your individual needs.

FUTURE TECH DESIGN VCI leverages cloud and mobile technologies to allow business partners to connect to your enterprise at all levels of your value chain. Our modular and flexible enterprise integration technology is able to identify, manage and exchange business and engineering data across your entire value chain.

Teamcenter usability Enhancement & Performance Optimization

Boosting Teamcenter performance and ensuring an improved user experience

After having analyzed your way of use and system environment systematically and after having measured your performance, FUTURE TECH DESIGN will stretch the Teamcenter OOTB capabilities to its limits. In five straightforward steps, we will ensure user acceptance and improve client response time, starting with your configuration parameters, ending with a deep dive into the SOA architecture leading to astonishing performance improvements.

FUTURE TECH DESIGN offers simple and logical approaches on how to make the client more intuitive, including additional user groups inside your company, like quality assurance or procurement departments.

FUTURE TECH DESIGN will avoid any unnecessary deviation from OOTB in order to keep your total cost of ownership as low as possible for you. In many cases you will not even need to change a single line of code when upgrading to the next version.



Global AMS allows customers to concentrate on their core business while FUTURE TECH DESIGN manages testing, validation and maintenance activities. The philosophy of FUTURE TECH DESIGN’s Global AMS service is to reduce issue resolution time, total number of issues and maintenance cost year over year.

FUTURE TECH DESIGN brings in many years of experience in the most complex PLM software and systems. With our international team and global delivery model, we are able to deliver cost-efficient support models. The more you challenge us, the more you will experience our deep competence and realize the cost savings. You will have access to the global FUTURE TECH DESIGN know-how in development and implementation of complex systems.

In a mixture of onsite, near-shore and offshore teams we will support your PLM initiatives through all the testing, validation and user support phases. FUTURE TECH DESIGN delivers monitoring reports including KPIs, training plans, documentation and will provide recommendations that lead to a leaner and agile PLM landscape. FUTURE TECH DESIGN uses intelligent metrics, testing and deep system know-how to prevent issues before they appear in your PLM initiative.



CAD systems contain the design intelligence while the process intelligence is captured in the PDM system. Seamless integration of CAD and PDM systems is essential for any organization to work collaboratively and concurrently on new product development. While numerous interfaces are available in the market, they are usually designed for single CAD to single PDM system connection, or they are designed to use a tessellated representation, which loses the intelligence once present in the CAD.

FUTURE TECH DESIGN offers a connector solution for data exchange between multiple CAD, PDM and ERP systems. The connector is based on a modular and flexible architecture consisting of a http communication layer and a proprietary data exchange format, allowing for extraction to different data logics. Data can be transported from system A to B, modified in system B, and changes can be detected and written back to system a within original data logic.

The modular and flexible design of the FUTURE TECH DESIGN connector framework is designed to meet the demand of data exchanges between suppliers and OEMs, including web based interfaces and cloud solutions.